A corona system for the laboratory | LabTEC

LabTEC is a corona system that has been adapted for use in a laboratory setting.

The generator provided with this system has been adapted to provide tighter control as the system is used as a test device. The system is strictly manual to ensure that this will be a safe addition to any laboratory. You can easily treat a variety of parts by holding the insulated handle of the electrode.

Adhesive bonding and finishing of moulded and extruded parts made of polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO and EPDM are constant manufacturing problems. Medical laboratory products made of polystyrene have poor wettability and poor cell attachment. The low polar surface energy of these materials that causes these deficiencies can be increased with corona treatment. Corona surface treatment is modification of polymer surfaces with electrical discharge at atmospheric pressure.

The corona process creates the necessary polar functional groups on the polymer surface, which promote adhesion and wettability. Tantec’s bench top LabTEC is specially designed for treatment of small polymer parts. This includes both three-dimensional parts and films. The LabTEC is specially configured for R&D lab, model shop and small batch production. This system consists of a high-frequency power generator and a treating station with high-voltage transformer integrated into the station. The high-voltage transformer steps up the output signal from the generator to produce the high frequency.

The output of the transformer is connected to a stainless steel or ceramic roller electrode by way of an insulated high-voltage cable.

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Easy to use This system is built for LAB use and is very flexible. It can be operated easily with safety shielding around.
Multi-layer counter electrode Tests a variety of polymers.
Usable for a number of different applications Both conductive and non-conductive material can be treated as the system is supplied with a hand-ball and a ceramic electrode.
Generator Generator type is HV-X02: 0-200 Watt output.
Touch panel Proface color touch screen 5.7” with built in PLC unit allows complete control of all available generator parameters. Anodized aluminium housing with foot stand and holes for wall mounting.
Comes as a package The unit is a complete package: Generator, remote control, cables, LAB station, hand-ball and ceramic electrode. Transformer type is HT-X01-28: 28 kW.
Technical Specifications HV-X02 Generator LAB-station
Mains voltage and frequency 100-240VAC 50/60Hz n/a
Output voltage/power Max. 400 Vp/0-200 Watt n/a
Power consumption 300 VA n/a
Ramp up time 5-30 ms, depending on power load n/a
Shut down time < 1 ms n/a
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 430 x 470 x 200 500 x 265 x 365
Weight in kg 12.5 15.2 incl. transformer
Operator interface control (Optional) 5.7” STN color touch display  Ports: (1) USB - (1) Ethernet - (1) Serial RS485 n/a
Bus communication system Standard: RTU 4-Wire Modbus, 57.6Kbaud, 8bit. Optional: CANopen/Profibus and others n/a
Regulation compliance CE - ROHS - WEEE n/a


  • Tantec surface treaters are sold worldwide to end-users and OEM’s through our own branch offices and more than 30 partners worldwide.

  • Leading manufacturer of standard and customized Plasma and Corona systems for surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

  • The Tantec Group is an innovative organization with a high level of know-how, continuously developing new Plasma and Corona equipment to help solving adhesion problems, and to meet high customer demands.