Corona Performance Monitoring System | MonTEC

MonTEC is an advanced system for Tantec’s corona treaters and plasma treaters that monitors the discharge performance from each individual treatment electrode.

A MonTEC system employs 8-channel transmitter modules powered by the applied high-voltage to the treatment electrodes, transmitting discharge data to the integrated 8-channel receiver modules. An essential part of the system is a microprocessor managing all received data from the electrodes with datatransfer to a main machine control, i.e. a PLC-unit or computer.

Once the monitoring system is calibrated with the dedicated electrode system consisting of single or multiple electrodes, a process window can easily be programmed and displayed with minimum and maximum discharge values for each individual electrode.

The MonTEC provides real time data and offers full control and traceability of treatment parameters. The measured data is easily transferred to a main PLC or computer using the RS232/RS485 interface.

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Full quality control Allows monitoring of discharge levels at all times.
Scrap reduction As the system will provide an instant alarm in case of discharge variations.
8-channel modules A single module allows for monitoring from 1 to 8 individual electrodes.
Programmable treatment alarm MonTEC software allows for easy adjustment of discharge alarms.
Max./min. alarm levels Offers both max. and min. discharge alarm levels.
Communication Interface with PLC or PC through RS232/RS485 port.
Windows software Easy to use windows software to monitor and adjust all parameters.
Technical Specifications Transmitter Module Receiver Module
Channels 8-channel output expandable modules 8-channel output expandable modules
Treatment level, min./max. Must be calibrated with electrode system Programmable software
Input voltage Powered by corona electrodes +24 VDC (Power supply is optional)
Connectivity/communication Data transmission through plastic optical fiber cable Serial RS232/RS485 to external PC/PLC
Data monitoring   LCD-display (optional) or external PC/PLC
Ramp up time 300 mS  
Ramp down time 300 mS  
Data 42 mS  
Electrode power Max. 32 mA  


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  • Leading manufacturer of standard and customized Plasma and Corona systems for surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

  • The Tantec Group is an innovative organization with a high level of know-how, continuously developing new Plasma and Corona equipment to help solving adhesion problems, and to meet high customer demands.