Successful Tantec seminar

In beautiful areas around the Munkebjerg in Vejle, Tantec hosted a seminar introducing plasma and corona. There was great interest in the subject, and subsequently it was necessary to extend the conference rooms a few weeks after the invitations were sent out.

There were many good questions that gave rise to good discussions within the audience.

An in-depth presentation of adhesion theories was conducted by Mia Podlech, from the Danish Plastics Center and Vacuum Technology by Steen Rasmussen, Granzow.

Finally, there was a demonstration of Tantec equipment followed by networking.

Tantec seminar 03
Tantec seminar 02

Plasma og Corona Seminar

Seminaret er fuld booket!

Grundlæggende Plasma og Corona-seminar (the seminar will be held in Danish)

I flotte omgivelser omkring Munkebjerg Hotel ved Vejle afholder Tantec den 12. oktober ”Grundlæggende Plasma og Corona-seminar”.

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In-line treatment of Automotive Sealing Products

Top quality adhesion of printing inks, adhesives or coatings on polymer materials, such as PE, PP, PS, EPDM-rubber and other substrates, is a common requirement throughout the plastic and rubber processing industry. All polymer materials exhibit by nature a low surface energy, resulting poor adhesion and wetting properties. To cope with such difficulties Tantec offers customized and standard units with integrated corona systems.

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Medtec 4-6 April 2017

We will exhibit Tantec products at Medtec fair, and you can find us at stand no. 1E56

We will be delighted to welcome you!

Agents wanted

We are always on the lookout for new agents worldwide.

If you are interested in our product range and you believe we could be the right partner for your business, please contact our Sales Director & Partner Kim Egede Saabye through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please mention your current role, business name, a brief description of the successful experience you have in selling similar products into your local market, and your contact details.

Surface Treatment with Ozone

Tantec has developed their OzoneTEC System to treat the inside of products such as surfboards, coolers, ice boxes, jacket pipes, small boats etc. – products that consist of fiberglass on the outside and foam on the inside – also called sandwich construction.

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New! PlasmaTEC-X OEM

The PlasmaTEC-X OEM is based on the technology of the PlasmaTEC device. The PlasmaTEC-X OEM can be used without the PlasmaREMOTE control unit. The target group is mainly mechanical engineers and OEM customers who want to use a single device only and do not require a control unit. 

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Customized Leak Detection System for the Medical Industry

Tantec recently delivered a LeakTEC system to a large medical device manufacturer. The Tantec LeakTEC system we able to meet the customers high expectations and system requirements. Tantec’s quality and ability to meet these system requirements lead to Tantec being selected as the supplier.

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