Tantec enters into collaboration with Thin Film Partners

The growing demand for Tantec solutions in the United States and abroad, along with a desire for a greater presence in the coating industry have led Tantec to enter into a collaboration with Thin Film Partners.

Thin Film Partners is an innovative leader in the domain of thin film coating technologies. Thin Film Partners assists customers in making the proper choice by offering the greatest selection of coating materials, processes and platforms. They feature hundreds of different barrier chemistries as well as a number of unique hi-performance deposition platforms. Specializing in plasma processes, nano-coatings, as well as custom materials and equipment, they are uniquely positioned to meet even the most challenging coating requirements.

Thin Film Partners and Tantec have previously collaborated on large projects, but both parties wanted the agreement to be formal so that clear synergy is created.

“At Tantec we are excited about having entered into a collaboration with Thin Film Partners. Thin Film Partners’ extensive experience in coating technology and Tantec's in plasma and corona surface treatment will mean that our customers will get the best advice and solution”, says Vice President Jeff Gradus.

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