Tantec looks forward to welcoming you to our booth at NPE

Every three years, NPE draws 65,000+ professionals from across the plastics industry with its world-class education program and its show floor—more than 1 million square feet of the latest technology, equipment, materials and solutions that are shaping the future of plastics. In 2018, the event is heading to Orlando, May 7–11.

Register for NPE2018 by using our company’s unique Guest Pass: http://www.npeguestpass.org/3596

When you register through the Guest Pass link, you will receive an Expo Pass giving you access the NPE2018 Exhibit Hall as our guest—a $200 savings! We encourage you to register today.

We’ve got you covered—and we look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Find us at booth no. W673

It will be the biggest booth for today for Tantec, and we are looking forward to exhibiting the following machines:

VacuTEC - Tantec´s VacuTEC Plasma Treater is designed for plasma treatment of a large number of different injection molded parts.

RotoTEC-X - Tantec RotoTEC-X is used for in-line treatment of injection molded parts prior to coating, printing, gluing, painting etc. Often the RotoTEC-X is also used simply for optimizing adhesion properties of a given substrate.

PlasmaTEC-X - Tantec’s PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma treatment system is built around the concept of a high voltage DC Plasma discharge in atmospheric air. The versatility of this unit allows for use in fully integrated robotic cells, as a standalone unit, or most any production line.

SpotTEC - Tantec SpotTEC is Corona Treatment machine used for treatment of profiles, treatment of cables and injection molded parts. The SpotTEC is easily adopted into any production line and offers the user a high level of flexibility in use.

SyrinTEC - SyrinTEC is specially designed for 360° Corona treatment of PP and PE syringe barrels. Normally the SyrinTEC is built into the printing line and positioned as the final process before the barrels enter into the printing machine.

CableTEC - Standard and Customized Corona Treaters. The purpose of surface treatment of polymer based materials is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge. The low surface energy of polymer based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings.

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