Corona treatment of syringes | SyrinTEC

SyrinTEC is specially designed for 360° Corona treatment of PP and PE syringe barrels. Normally the SyrinTEC is built into the printing line and positioned as the final process before the barrels enter into the printing machine.

Using the SyrinTEC enables treatment of the entire outside surface without any inside treatment, which would increase friction on the inside barrel and cause the plunger to drag when used.

The purpose of surface treatment of polymer-based materials is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge. The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings.

To obtain optimum adhesion, it is necessary to increase the surface energy of the substrate to just above that of the material to be applied. Surface treatment with corona results in improved surface adhesion properties. SyrinTEC is specially designed for optimizing the adhesion properties of printing inks onto syringe barrels which are normally made of low surface energy polymer material such as PP, PE and others.

SyrinTEC uses highly durable ceramic electrode elements resulting in complete and uniform treatment of the syringe barrels. The SyrinTEC is available both as a standard unit in a low and high speed configuration for integration into existing printing lines customised units are available for specific printing machines.

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Easy to install and use Connect to mains power and compressed air.
Fast treatment times High power impact enables treatment times from 20-180 seconds, depending on material.
Standard or customised chambers Chamber and drum size can be designed to most applications. Many available as standard.
Vacuum level The plasma discharge is active from 1-4 mbar depending on application.
Process gas Process gasses such as oxygen and argon can be used, but in mostcases it is not necessary.
Process control The entire plasma process is controlled by the HV-X generator and PLC unit. All parameters are displayed through the touch panel. (Standard – Proface).
Cost efficient surface treatment Due to the low power and no need of special treatment gasses the unit is a very cost efficient solution for improving surface wettability and adhesion.
Vacuum pressure plasma Enables treatment of both conductive and non-conductive surfaces.
Technical Specifications RotoVAC Vacuum Plasma Treater
Mains voltage and frequency 230 VAC or 480 VAC 3Ph.
Output voltage/plasma power Max. 400 Vp/max. 2000 Watt
Power supply HV-X plasma generator series
Compressed air inlet 5–6 bar dry and clean
Process gas Standard: air, oxygen, argon, nitrogen on request
Vacuum pump capacity in m³/min. 15 to 240 m³/min., depending on size of vacuum chamber
Vacuum level 1–4 mbar
Evacuation time, typical 15-60 seconds, depending on chamber size and pump capacity
Plasma treatment time, typical 20–180 seconds, depending on material
Control and connectivity Complete with touch panel. (Standard - Proface)
Regulation compliance CE – RoHs - WEEE


  • Tantec surface treaters are sold worldwide to end-users and OEM’s through our own branch offices and more than 30 partners worldwide.

  • Leading manufacturer of standard and customized Plasma and Corona systems for surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

  • The Tantec Group is an innovative organization with a high level of know-how, continuously developing new Plasma and Corona equipment to help solving adhesion problems, and to meet high customer demands.