Free test of your part

We have our own in-house testing facilities and offer a free test of your part. Send a sample and explain your project to us. After testing, you will receive a documented report and we advise you in the best suitable treatment solution.


Send your sample to:

Tantec A/S
Industrivej 6
6640 Lunderskov


United States of America

Send your sample to:

Tantec EST Inc.
160 North Brandon Drive
Glendale Heights
IL 60139

Tantec Medical industry surface treatment system


Surface treatment machine nozzles

Plastic cards

Tantec Corona Treaters working on foam board

Foam and Board

Surface treatment nozzles treating automotive surface


Electronic device which can be treated with surface treatment


Surface treatment of cables and pipes

Cables & Pipe

Corona treatment of packaging products


Tantec expert operating a surface treatment machine

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