NeedleTEC – Corona treatment of needle hubs

Tantec NeedleTEC is Corona treatment for plastic needle hubs. NeedleTEC is the answer to the previously mentioned problems related to bonding and leakage.

Treating the needle hub’s surface increases surface wettability and adhesion properties through electrical discharge.

Due to the Corona treatment’s ability to achieve extremely high tensile strength, it has become one of the most common methods used to treat hub surfaces.

For example, untreated hubs present tensile strengths between 18-25N, whereas Corona-treated hubs achieve tensile strengths up to 75N.

Tantec’s NeedleTEC station is an integrated Corona system designed to cope with the high speeds of high performance needle assembly lines.

NeedleTEC’s ability to treat difficult-toreach hub recesses makes this an easy-to-use system and a safe treatment solution for needle hubs.

The station’s integrated electrode system handles all common holding jigs utilized on assembling lines, including both stainless steel and plastic jigs.

To provide 100% control over the entire process, a unique computerized Electrode Surveillance System (optional) ensures that every needle hub has been exposed to the Corona treatment.

The NeedleTEC station is a compact, self-contained tabletop Corona System that includes a microprocessor-controlled generator, transformer, electrode assembly and ozone filter.

The NeedleTEC station is installed in front of the adhesive applicator station on assembly lines, and treats all standard needle hubs as well as customized hubs.

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Technical specifications

Fully integrates with new or existing needle assembly lines
Suitable for index or continuous production processes
Surveillance system for 100% process control
Extremely high tensile strength up to 75N
Prevents leakage
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