Corona Lab System | LabTEC-X

LabTEC-X is a corona system that has been adapted for use in a laboratory setting. The generator provided with this system has been adapted to provide tighter control as the system is used as a test device. The system is strictly manual to ensure that this will be a safe addition to any laboratory. You can easily treat a variety of parts by holding the insulated handle of the electrode.

Adhesive bonding and finishing of moulded and extruded parts made of polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO and EPDM are constant manufacturing problems. Medical laboratory products made of polystyrene have poor wettability and poor cell attatchment.

Corona surface treatment is a modification of polymer surfaces with electrical discharge at atmospheric pressure.

The corona process creates the necessary polar functional groups on the polymer surface, which promote adhesion and wettability. Tantec’s bench top LabTEC-X is specially designed for treatment of small polymer parts.

This includes both three-dimensional parts and films. The LabTEC-X is specially configured for R&D lab and proof of concept work. This system consists of a high-frequency power generator and a treating station with high-voltage transformer integrated into the station. The high-voltage transformer steps up the output signal from the generator to produce the high frequency. 

Comes as a package
The unit is a complete package: Generator, remote control, cables, LAB station, ball and wire electrode. Transformer type is HT-X01-28: 28 kW.

A ceramic electrode is available as an option.  


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