Corona treatment of jacket pipes | PipeTEC

The PipeTEC is designed for treatment or cleaning the inside surface of jacket pipes for optimised adhesion of PUR foam which is needed for insulation of the pipe core.

The PipeTEC must be fully integrated into an extrusion line and ensures a very high level of surface treatment of the entire inside surface.

The purpose of surface treatment of polymer-based materials is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge.

The low surface energy of plastics and polymer-based substrates – like PE and PP pipes, often lead to poor adhesion properties.

It is commonly known that an untreated inside pipe surface will result in “air pockets” when foaming, which will lead to condensation and eventually result in pipe failure when in use.

The Tantec PipeTEC is specially designed for optimising the adhesion properties of the inside surface of jacket pipes prior to foaming with PUR foam.

Tantec offers two different types of inside electrode systems depending on pipe size and tolerances.

The stainless steel shaped blade electrodes offer the ultimate treatment of the inside surface, but for larger pipes with large tolerances the stainless steel brush electrodes is a better choice.

Magnetic holding systems for keeping the inside electrode system in place are offered in combination with stainless steel shaped electrodes.

For dimensions up to OD 630 mm. Brush electrodes and larger shaped electrodes must be kept in place using a metal wire from the extrusion tool or something similar.

The PipeTEC is normally integrated right before the saw.

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Technical specifications

High power treatment Dedicated electrodes for each single pipe dimension ensures optimum treatment results.
Easy to operate Just install the correct electrode dimension.
Fully integrated into extrusion line Fully integrated into the extrusion line, before the saw.
Flexible design Same set-up for all pipe dimensions.
No ground reference The treatment follows even without the need of a grounding of the inside electrode.
Magnet holder system Inside electrodes up to OD 630 can be kept in position by a magnet holder system.
Pipe dimensions All pipe dimensions from 75-2100 mm available.
Dual polarity Offers 2 time treatment for optimised results.
Technical Specifications PipeTEC
Mains voltage and frequency 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage/power 2 x 40 kV/max. 2000 Watt
Power supply HV-X plasma generator series
Line-Speed 0.1-10 m/min.
Treatable materials PE, PP and others
System type Table top for full integration into extrusion line
Exhaust Ozone filter system
Regulation compliance CE – ROHs – WEEE
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