Surface treatment in the Packaging industry

With over 40 years of experience in the surface treatment industry, Tantec has focused its efforts on environmental friendliness and cost efficiency to bring you the best solutions possible.

Our company prides itself on knowledge, expertise, and range when it comes to our product.

Previously, the emphasis was on cost efficiency alone, where the price of packaging was made as low as possible.

Today, there is more importance on the durability and the design of this packaging. The way this is achieved is through strategic choices made by manufacturers for the packaging to highlight professionalism without fault.

With our experience in the industry, we provide our clients with efficient and innovative designs with a range of packaging solutions that are always adapting and growing to be better.

Our current list of options include:

  • Pre-Lamination Preparation
  • Surface Activation
  • Pre-Bond Preparation
  • Pre-Glue Surface Cleaning
  • Pre-Printing Surface Activation

Our packaging solutions impart surface treatment as an environmentally conscious process provided at a low operational cost.

We provide these low costs by helping you save big on adhesive materials, inks and coatings such a primer.

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