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LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.

The LeakTEC measures a leak between a high-voltage electrode (DC) and counter electrode which can either be grounded or running opposed polarity. The LeakTEC ensures full process control and traceability.

It is typical in field applications to surface test moulded and welded joints in medical devices like medical tubes, containers, pipettes, cannulas and extruded film for medical bags etc.

This fully automatic test is capable of detecting pin holes even smaller than 3 microns by introducing an electrical potential between a detecting electrode and an electrical ground, (i.e. metal jig or mandrel holding the part) while the plastic part itself acts as the insulator.

In the event of detecting a crack or pin hole in the plastic material, an electrical contact is established between electrode and ground.

This pass/fail contact is processed via the integral generator module interfaced with the main machine control.

The machine control can either enable a downstream ‘part-reject’ function or track trends in the manufacturing process, which can be fed back for early process adjustment or maintenance.

Counter electrodes measurement is to ensure that all electrodes are fully working. Each counter electrode will then give out individual signal to be processed by the machine PLC unit.

To limit the high-voltage and minimize generation of static electricity Tantec offers its dual polarity system (patented).

Technial specifications

Easy to install and useUncomplicated operation into the production line.
Fast detection timesPin hole detection is done either in-line or during stop at index movement. Typical test times from 0.03 seconds.
Dual polarity detection (patented)Limits high-voltage and minimizes generation of static electricity.
Full integrationMust be fully integrated into existing production lines.
High precision test electrodesFor testing small fragile parts.
Non-destructive testingTested parts remain undamaged allowing for zero waste.
Single or multiple part detectionAdding counter electrode measurement allows for testing of multiple parts.
No corona dischargeUse of DC voltage eliminates corona discharge.
Technical SpecificationsLeakTEC Plasma Treater
Mains voltage and frequency230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage/test powerMax. 40 kv/max. 2000 Watt
Power supplyHV-X plasma generator series
Detection timesFrom 0.03 sec. (other on request)
Number parts per batchCustomised
Electrode designCusomised to application
Treatable materialsNon-conductive only
Part thicknessFrom 0.1-5.0 mm others on request
Control and connectivityComplete with touch panel (Standard-Proface)
Regulation complianceCE – RoHs – WEEE
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