Quality Monitoring

LeakTEC 225

LeakTEC | Leak detection of micro pinholes

LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.
MonTEC Web


MonTEC is an advanced system for Tantec’s corona treaters and plasma treaters that monitors the discharge performance…
Test Ink Dyne Test Quality Monitoring 2

Dyne test | DyneTEC | Measuring Surface Energy

Determining the surface energy can be achieved by measuring contact angle or by using Tantec surface energy test inks – DyneTEC.
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Tantec Medical industry surface treatment system


Surface treatment machine nozzles

Plastic cards

Tantec Corona Treaters working on foam board

Foam and Board

Surface treatment nozzles treating automotive surface


Electronic device which can be treated with surface treatment


Surface treatment of cables and pipes

Cables & Pipe

Corona treatment of packaging products


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