Surface treatment in the medical industry

Plasma and Corona Treatment in the Medical Device Industry

Low surface energy in plastic materials challenges you in bonding, coating and printing processes. Durability and quality are important factors in manufacturing medical devices and an efficient surface treatment is required to optimize these processes.

Plasma and Corona Treatment modifies the chemical structure in the surface of plastic materials and improves surface tension.

The result is uniform treatment and improved adhesion and wettability properties with long durability and the possibility to achieve high quality results in bonding, coating and printing.

With plasma and Corona Treatment, you have the ability to achieve:

  • Even and uniform treatment to all surfaces on Three Dimensional parts
  • Treatment of specific hard to reach spots on Three Dimensional parts
  • Surface modification without affecting the bulk material
  • Cost efficiency and long lasting durability of adhesion properties
  • Environmentally friendly solutions

Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment is applied for surface activation of:

  • Needle Hubs
  • Syringes
  • Catheter Tubing
  • Ostomy Bags
  • Petri Dishes
  • Culture tissue
  • Lenses

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Corona Treatment of Medical Devices

As corona treatment is a bonding treatment, it is commonly used nowadays to treat medical equipment and make its surface adhesive for printing ink. Examples of the medical products subjected to this treatment include; the barrels of plastic syringes, medicine bottles, transparent tubes used for fluids, and even surgical scrubs.

When the air around the surface of a product is exposed to a high voltage charge, it creates a frenzy of atomic energy. The oxygen molecules start breaking and merging with others present in the product material, resulting in a surface that is more prone to adhesion.

Texturally, a corona treatment of medical devices changes the surface from a smooth and slippery one, to a rough and coarse texture that will grab the ink, adhesive or coating more rapidly. The change in the chemical make-up of the surface allows things to adhere to it which is a stronger bond than simple mechanical bonds.

Benefits of Corona Treatment of Medical Devices

There a number of benefits of using corona treatment for medical devices. A few of these are:

  • The corona treatment improves the flexibility of plastic and laminated materials and allows the manufacturer to mark their products with a seal, logo or label of their choosing.
  • It also provides an element of safety, as previously, an open flame was used to create this chemical reaction manually.
  • Corona treatment of medical devices is extremely effective, especially in the case of three-dimensional parts, because the machine has a number of heads that can treat the object from various angles, allowing for complete coverage at a single time.
  • If manual labor was hired to sand the smooth surfaces, it would be very costly for the manufacturing companies; hence, corona treatment of medical devices is also cheaper and cost-effective as compared to the manual methods.
  • Although corona treatment of medical devices is commonly being performed, this treatment is also being used in a wide variety of industries, such as automobiles, electronics, pipes, ophthalmic lenses, electrical cables and wiring, etc.

Hence, the use of corona treatment to alter the surface composition of objects and to create strong adhesive bonds is a big success and its numerous benefits make it the ultimate choice for product manufacturers from a range of industries.

VacuTEC – Surface treatment of Catheters with Vacuum Plasma

By increasing the surface energy of catheters, vacuum plasma treatment improves the bonding properties of coatings – thereby adding extra safety and reliability to the product. Before treatment, silicone’s surface energy is only 38mN/m – after treatment nearly double to 72mN/m.

RotoVAC – applied for even and uniform treatment of small parts

Plasma treatment of small injection moulded plastic parts, without the need to place them in a jig or use complicated handling systems. With the RotoVAC drum design, simply fill the drum and place it in the vacuum chamber. The rotation will ensure that all parts are treated.

RotoTEC-X – Surface treatment of Ophthalmic Lenses prior to Coating

Ophthalmic plastic lenses are sophisticated products, and their performance rely very much on the surface treatments they are undergoing in the manufacturing process prior to applying i.e., tinted, photochromism or hard coatings. Surface tensions as high as water wet ability, (72mN/m) are achieved.

SyrinTEC – Surface Treatment of Syringe Barrels

SyrinTEC is designed for optimising the adhesion properties of printing inks onto syringe barrels, which are normally made from low surface energy polymer materials. SyrinTEC operates using highly durable ceramic electrode elements resulting in complete and uniform treatment of the syringe barrels.

NeedleTEC – Surface Treatment of Syringe Barrels

Tantec NeedleTEC is Corona treatment for plastic needle hubs. NeedleTEC is the answer to the previously mentioned problems related to bonding and leakage

PlasmaTEC-X – Atmospheric Plasma treatment system

The versatility of this unit allows for use in fully integrated robotic cells, as a standalone unit, or most any production line.

SpotTEC – High frequency spot system

Tantec SpotTEC is Corona Treatment machine used for treatment of profiles, treatment of cables and injection moulded parts. 

LeakTEC – Leak detection of micro pinholes

LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.

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