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Tantec SpotTEC is Corona Treatment machine used for treatment of profiles, treatment of cables and injection moulded parts. The SpotTEC is easily adopted into any production line and offers the user a high level of flexibility in use.

The SpotTEC is based on the principle of high-voltage discharge in atmospheric air blown towards a substrate surface.

The SpotTEC offered by Tantec permits easy pre-treatment of surfaces of three-dimensional moulded or extruded plastic parts, profiles etc. with low investment and running costs.

The SpotTEC is based on the principle of high-voltage discharge in the high-frequency area. A blower presses the discharge which is established between the two electrodes integrated in the discharge head, against the substrate to be treated, thus eliminating the need for a counter electrode.

The SpotTEC can be integrated easily and quickly in new or existing production lines to promote adhesion of glue, inks or coating. The system is available with a single or double electrode head; other versions are available on request.

The SpotTEC system provides surface treatment solutions for a variety of plastic products and applications. The SpotTEC complies with the CE requirements and EMC regulation.


Surface treatment of plastic pipes inside and out

Technial specifications

Easy to install and useThe system requires no adjustment of treatment parameters. Simply connect to mains and go.
Easy maintenanceOnly necessary to exchange the metal electrodes.
Single or dual head configurationThe generator can be equipped with either a single or double treatment head configuration.
Air flow controlDuring the treatment process the air flow is monitored to ensure proper airflow at all times.
LED’s for running conditionsDuring the entire treatment process the front panel LED’s will inform about current generator status.
Treatment flexibilityDesigned for treatment of non-conductive surfaces at lower line speeds. (max. 20m/min).
Technical SpecificationsSpotTEC SingleSpotTEC DualSpotTEC Discharge Head
Mains voltage and frequency115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz115 or 230 VAC 50/60 HzN/A
Output voltage/powerVoltage: 2 x 6.5 kV Power: 550Voltage: 2 x 6.5 kV Watt Power: 1100 WattN/A
Output frequencyApprox. 25 kHzApprox. 25 kHzN/A
Power consumptionMax. 600 VAMax. 1100 VAN/A
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)500 x 485 x 195 (incl. connections)500 x 485 x 195 (incl. connections)60 x 40 x 160 (excl. connections)
Weight in kg13 (23 at 115 VAC)19 (29 at 115 VAC)1.7 (incl. hose)
Treatment width in mmN/AN/A45-65 mm
Treatment distance in mmN/AN/A5-20 mm
Treatment speed in m/minN/AN/AMax. 20 m/min
Regulation complianceCE – RoHs – WEEECE – RoHs – WEEECE – RoHs – WEEE
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