Cable, Wire, and Pipe

Plasma and Corona Treatment in the Cable, Wire, and Pipe Industry

Plastic piping is used in a wide variety of applications and across a range of different industries. The three main types of plastic in the industry, PE, PEX or PP, share one basic characteristic – low surface energy, which makes it difficult for inks, coatings and foams to adhere to the surface. Corona treatment solves this problem by increased surface energy and improved adhesion. PE, PEX and PP display a wide range of properties that make plastic piping systems the ideal choice for anything from pressured water mains and gravity sewer systems to indoor heating systems.

With Plasma and Corona Treatment, you have the ability to achieve:

  • Even and uniform treatment to all surfaces on Three Dimensional parts
  • Treatment of hard-to-reach areas on Three Dimensional parts
  • Treatment of large parts
  • Surface cleaning (plasma etching) on metal
  • Surface modification without affecting the bulk material.
  • Cost efficiency and long lasting durability of adhesion properties
  • Environmental friendly solutions

Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment is applied for surface activation of:

  • Water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Heating and cooling pipes
  • Industrial systems
  • Cables with inner conductor
  • Cables without inner conductor
  • Optical fiber

Send your sample for a test free of charge in our testing facilities

At Tantec we are experienced in developing solutions to the cable and pipe industry and our core competences is 3D treatment with even and uniform treatment with durable effect. We have our own in-house testing facilities and offer a free test of your part. Send a sample and explain your project to us. After testing, you will receive a documented report and we advise you in the best suitable treatment solution.


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Tantec Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment Systems applied in the Automotive Industry:

PipeTEC – Inside treatment of pipes

PipeTEC is usually installed between the extruder and the saw that cuts the pipes into 6 meter sections and its extrusion varies in speed for large pipes (Ø1000cm – Ø1200cm) 0,5 – 10 m/min. Corona treatment is very effective and lasts for several months, which means final processing does not need to occur immediately.

SpotTEC – powerful partial-surface treatment

The SpotTEC is an in-line pre-treatment system designed specifically to be easily integrated into new or existing pipe production lines. The frequency by which SpotTEC treats pipes depends on the size, thickness and extrusion speed of the pipe.

CableTEC – optimizes adhesion properties of printing inks onto cables

CableTEC uses highly durable ceramic electrode elements resulting in complete and uniform treatment of the cables. The CableTEC is available both as a standard unit in a low and high speed configuration for integration into existing printing lines

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