The most compact rotary plasma system | SpinTEC30


Experience the perfect blend of precision, efficiency, and versatility with the new treatment solution. Tantec’s excited to present our SpinTEC30, an innovative treatment solution engineered for accuracy and effectiveness.

Tantec’s innovative SpinTEC30 plasma system offers a treatment width of 30 mm.

With a working speed of approximately 25 m/min, this system is built for productivity. The adjustable rotating speed, ranging from 70 to 2800 RPM/min, allows for customization based on your specific needs.

The direct brushless engine ensures reliable performance and longevity. The use of ceramic ball bearings contributes to the durability and efficiency of the system. The system has been designed with minimalism in mind, featuring only a few wearing parts. This not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also contributes to the overall durability of the system.

Despite its compact size, it does not compromise on performance. One of the key advantages of the SpinTEC30 system is how light it is. This makes it possible to use on lightweight robots, expanding its range of applications.

Our direct engine design eliminates the need for a belt, resulting in less maintenance. This a significant advancement, as Tantec is the only ones in the market with systems that no longer depend on unreliable belts.

The system is designed to be service-friendly. Most of the maintenance can be done by the customers themselves.

In summary, Tantec’s new treatment solution offers a unique combination of compactness, lightweight design, durability, low maintenance, and cutting-edge technology.

Technical specifications

Easy to use The system must be connected to mains power and compressed air, no adjustment of air or
power is necessary.
Potential free discharge Allows treatment of both conductive, non-conductive as well as semi-conductive surfaces.
High speed treatment High power impact enables treatment times up to 25 m/min., depending on material’s treatability.
Process control A large number of various signals are available on a digital interface to control and monitor the Plasma discharge at all times.
Automatic discharge air regulation No matter the length of the power/air cable, the generator will adjust automatically to ensure the correct air pressure and flow.
Compact and Lightweight Compact and lightweight makes the SpinTEC30 easy to integrate in almost any production line or robot cell.
Standby air flow The air flow is controlled electronically which allows for switching the on/off feature. A minor flow of air is part of stand-by, to avoid dust being attracted to the discharge nozzle.


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