Surface treatment in the Electronic industry

Plasma and Corona Treatment in the Electronic Industry

Deciding which Plasma Treatment is the best to suit your needs is determined by varying factors that include your manufacturing process, the shape of the component and the substrate that will benefit from treatment.

Tantec provides innovative and efficient solutions that are determined by vast experience in the industry. Here is a range of electrical components applications on a list that is ever-growing:

  • Plasma Surface Activation
  • Surface Activation Prior To Printing, Potting And Bonding Surface Activation Prior To Conformal Coatings Preparation Prior Bonding
  • Cleaning Of Circuit Boards
  • Water Cleaning
  • Anti-static Surface Cleaning
  • Potential Free Cleaning

For electrical manufacturing companies, plasma treatment poses the best solution to meet the high demands of the industry.

The clean process does not have any electrical conduction, making it the ideal surface prep for components containing electrical circuits.

This ensures that circuits are not subjected to electrical discharge during the treating process for both surface activation and surface cleaning.

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