Corona Performance Monitoring System | MonTEC

MonTEC is an advanced system for Tantec’s corona and plasma treaters that monitors the discharge performance from each individual treatment electrode.

A MonTEC system employs single transmitter modules powered by the applied high-voltage to the treatment electrodes, transmitting discharge data to the receiver module.

The MonTEC provides real time data and offers full control and traceability of treatment parameters. The measured data is easily transferred to a main PLC or data logging device.

Why integrate MonTEC?

More and more high quality products hit the market every day. To ensure the same quality of products every time it is necessary to have Quality Control Measures to ensure a given level of treatment. – Real-time measurement of the high voltage power output from individual electrodes has often been asked for. With the MonTEC system it is possible measure real time power data.

Big advantage

Users of the MonTEC are customers manufacturing high end products with high quality demands, such as medical device manufactures, automotive and other quality drive industries.

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