Corona Treatment of Glass Sheets Prior to Coating Application

SheetTEC CasesTantec’s SheetTEC unit is a standalone and inline surface activation method used by many of the leading producers and manufacturers of glass within EU and the United States. This method is applied when manufacturers want to achieve improved bond strength with the glass sheets, prior to the coating process.

The glass sheets that undergo this corona treatment can vary from 50mm to 1000mm in width, based on the requirements of the customer.

A client we worked with recently required a method of surface application that could not impact the quality of the glass surface during production.

Why is SheetTEC the optimal solution?

The SheetTEC solution is well equipped and can apply a consistent layer of corona treating on glass panels with different sizes. The treatment speed can vary from 500mm per minute to over 3000mm per minute.

The SheetTEC utilizes a single wire electrode to get the best results. The wire electrode provides a consistent, uniform, and aggressive treatment to the glass.

Surface treatment can add significantly to your manufacturing processes, ensuring that speed and efficiency are both increased. The SheetTEC is tabletop mounted and comes equipped with a conveyor that helps transport glass panels. The conveyor is located underneath the treatment wire and makes sure that the unit keeps performing at an optimum level.

The application of the Corona treatment unit will improve the quality of glass adhesion both during and after the manufacturing process.

The importance of corona surface treatment technology

Corona surface technology is an effective treatment solution that is both cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative. Corona surface treatment technology greatly improves the chances of wetting and adhesion to glass substrates.

The corona activation technology can be trusted as a high-performance method for surface activation before the actual painting, varnishing, and bonding processes.

Corona treatment is also effective for the surface activation of non-stick polymers. The unit is meant to be flexible and can assist your manufacturing process based on the requirements you have.

Corona treatment of sheets and plates is considered an environmentally friendly process which has low operating costs.

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