Customized corona treater fulfills all wishes for surface treatment of polyethylene foams


Our customer in the Czech Republic C. Connect s.r.o. has just invested in a Tantec Corona treater for surface treatment of polyethylene foams with variable thicknesses. C. Connect core focus is on converting and product finishing for several industries like automotive, appliances, packaging, electronics, etc.

The support this industry with processed materials such as foams, films, adhesive tapes, and adhesives.


The purpose of surface treatment for better adhesion to polyethylene material is because the combination of PE/PUR foam cannot be thermally glued together. The customer’s method of joining with self-adhesive tape requires a higher surface tension of the PE foam.

Earlier C. Connect had a big challenge with using different systems adapted to the individual parts, and therefore had a demand for a corona system that could be adapted to the treatment processes of various parts, dimensions, and speed. In addition, it was an essential requirement that the parts did not get damaged.


Over the past four decades Tantec has gained expertise in building treaters for extruded, thick materials like expanded PE, PP, PS, PVC foam boards (EPE/EPP/EPS/EPVC), and a variety of expanded and corrugated plastic boards.

This technology is unique, thanks to the ability to manage extremely high voltages of up to 40 kV. To optimize treatment and minimize waste it is important that the entire surface of the board be treated.

To achieve this result, it is necessary to have the corona discharge around the board’s edge. Increasing the insulation thickness will even out the discharge and ensure uniform treatment of boards up to 50 mm in thickness.

The Tantec FoamTEC is available for single and dual sided treatment. It has an adjustable electrode, which ensures maximum flexibility and electrode height adjustment with digital readout.

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The customer selected a FoamTEC Corona treater, which can be customized exactly to the customer’s needs and wishes. In addition to improved adhesion, C. Connect had focus on a reliable solution adapted to all our production process.

”So far, the organization has been using small corona treatment equipment and that was unsuitable for large areas and the volumes of materials. That is why we chose to invest in a Tantec corona treatment solution that meets all our requirements. We’ve been really impressed with production process improvement and equipment variability”, says Marek Vobořil, Managing Director.

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