FoamTEC – Corona treatment of foam and board

Due to low surface energy, boards, foam, glass, plastic sheets and corrugated materials are difficult to bond to.

Over the past four decades Tantec has gained expertise in building treaters for extruded, thick materials like expanded PE, PP, PS, PVC foam boards (EPE/EPP/EPS/EPVC), and a variety of expanded and corrugated plastic boards. This technology is unique, thanks to the ability to manage extremely high voltages of up to 40 kV.

To optimize treatment and minimize waste it is important that the entire surface of the board is treated. To achieve this result, it is necessary to have the corona discharge around the board’s edge. Tantec solves this problem by increasing the thickness of the dielectricum layer, increasing the roller’s longevity and allowing corona treatment over the board’s edge. Increasing the insulation thickness will even out the discharge and ensure uniform treatment of boards up to 50 mm in thickness. FoamTEC is available for single and dual sided treatment. It has an adjustable electrode, which ensures maximum flexiblity and electrode height adjustment with digital readout.

FoamTEC 01

When treating corrugated board, it is important to limit the treatment inside the cavities to avoid loss of power and creation of ozone. The FoamTEC with thick insulation of counter electrodes limits treatment inside the cavities.

Advantages of a FoamTEC Treater:

• can treat thick materials, up to 50mm
• can handle material widths up to 3 meter, with capability to treat single or dual sides
• provides adequate treatment power to keep pace with (slow) extrusion lines
• fits any production line, due to unlimited customization level
• long life of support roller due to thick silicone dielectric, 20mm
• treatment over the edges to minimize waste material – no edge trimming required
• no pin-holes when treating open-cell foams
• eliminates health issues – no ozone is created inside hollow or corrugated channels
• treatment of individual sheets is possible

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