How the Functionality of Graphene Changes with Plasma Treating

Graphene 225Several years ago, Tantec entered into an agreement with Haydale for the development and supply of plasma chambers. Based in the UK, Haydale has made a name for itself for enabling technology for the commercialization of graphene.

At Tantec, we consider the plasma treatment system to be a revolutionary technology that can change the functionality of graphene. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Plasma Treatment Technology Solves the Problems of Using Graphene in Real-World Applications

Although it is made of a single layer of carbon atoms, graphene is far stronger than steel (200 times to be exact). It is an excellent thermal conductor and has a higher electrical conductivity. Despite all these qualities, graphene is tough to implement into industry applications. Tantec and Haydale were looking to resolve this issue.
Plasma treating technology allows Haydale to change the functionality of graphene, which makes its use in industry applications possible. Haydale was able to create the process for this by using custom-built plasma treating reactors and working closely with the engineers at Tantec. The agreement with Haydale for the supply of plasma chambers involved multiple systems being installed by Tantec, all of which will help increase the surface treatment capacity of Haydale.

The new plasma reactors at Tantec would ensure greater control over the manufacturing process for Haydale, while the Tantec treaters provided surface treatment with consistency and precision that guarantees high performance.

Changing Graphene’s Functionality with Plasma Surface Modification

With plasma treating, it is possible to create a unique plasma surface modification process that increases graphene’s functionality and helps meet customer demands. From bonding to repelling specific chemicals, plasma treating allows for a wide range of surface modifications.
The combination of the revolutionary plasma treating technology and Haydale’s knowledge and expertise has helped create a process that increases the value of grapheme.

Ensuring consistency in treatment, the patented process for changing the functionality of graphene can be customized to meet the need of the end users and scaled up in volume for future demand. Plasma treating technology provides an effective, efficient, and economical way to supply customized solutions that enhance graphene’s functionality.

Two of the most important things to optimize the mechanical properties of graphene are structural uniformity of nanoparticles and dispersion. Plasma treating ensures this without harming the material or adding impurities damaging to the environment.
Plasma treating is an environment-friendly way to change graphene’s functionality. The process eliminates the need for chemical agents and other processes that cause damage to the environment, and lowers work place hazards and the costs associated with them.

How the Plasma Treatment Process to Change Graphene’s Functionality Works

A question that you may have in mind is how plasma functionalization is achieved, or how the plasma treatment process to change the graphene’s functionality works? It is achieved through a low-pressure, low temperature Plasma Treatment process. The process produces high quality, few layered graphene’s and graphene nanoplatelets by ensuring a highly effective and consistent treatment on both organic and minded fine powder as well as other synthetic nanomaterial powders.
With the functionalization levels being customized to the needs of the customer, plasma treatment can functionalize with a wide range of chemical groups. With good dispersion, the properties and performance of the host material is improved, and the final product is also more likely to perform as specified.

A wealth of opportunities are unlocked by plasma surface modification that allows Tantec to transform the use of graphene within the composites industry. No longer does the poor bonding and dispersive qualities of graphene make it effectively dormant with manufacturing process. Instead, the revolutionary plasma treating technology ensures an environmentally friendly, high-quality, and consistent treatment.

Not only that, the process also widens graphene’s scope of potential to be used within practical industry applications. At Tantec, we have full confidence in the ability of the plasma treatment technology to improve our processes to produce high-end surface treatment products.

We believe that plasma treatment technology will make graphene more suitable for use within practical industry applications and help resolve real world problems. This is the motivation behind our partnership with Haydale for the development and supply of plasma chambers for the company.

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