Large customized VacuTEC Plasma Treaters makes a big difference

Tantec has recently delivered several new VacuTEC machines to one of the world’s top suppliers of vehicle interiors. The purpose of these machines is complete surface treatment of interior systems.

Why use a VacuTEC Plasma Treater?

VacuTEC Automotive 1Working with plastic materials such as PE, PP, PS and EPDM, you have already experienced the challenges low surface energy presents to you. It is impossible to achieve durable high quality results in bonding, coating, printing and varnishing processes. These processes depend on high surface energy and to reach this, surface treatment is necessary. Plasma and Corona treatment change the chemical structure in the surface of plastic materials and raises the surface energy resulting in improved adhesion and wettability properties.

With plasma and Corona Treatment, you have the ability to achieve:

  • Even and uniform treatment on all surfaces of Three Dimensional parts
  • Treatment of specific spots on Three Dimensional parts
  • Treatment of large parts
  • Surface cleaning on metal
  • Surface modification without affecting the bulk material.
  • Cost efficiency and long lasting durability of adhesion properties
  • Environmental friendly solution

Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment is applied for surface activation of:

  • Interior parts
  • Exterior parts
  • Powertrain parts
  • Profiles

The VacuTEC offers very fast treatment times and optimum adhesion properties for downstream coating, gluing, painting and printing applications. In the vacuum treating chamber a vacuum is built up to between 0,5 and 6 mbar before an electrical discharge is created through the integrated plasma electrode. Tantec uses direct electrode to electrode technology to create the plasma discharge. This electrode to electrode technology helps to intensify the treatment resulting in shorter treatment cycle times and in most cases gases will not be necessary. Treatment times can be between 2-120 seconds depending on the material and its formulation.

The machines are specially developed by Tantec construction department and adapted 100% to customer wishes and requirements in relation to the production line.

The VacuTEC is appreciated for its simplicity of operation, reliability in production and fast process speed.

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