Surface treatment for Aviation and Aerospace industries

Tantec has just delivered a VacuTEC to one of the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft parts, meticulously tested with competitors and then with Tantec equipment.

Thankfully, to meet the high demands that are being made to manufacturers of aircraft parts, their search ended with a Tantec VacuTEC.

The VacuTEC-series offers swift treatment times and optimum adhesion properties for downstream coating, gluing, painting and printing applications.

Inside our VacuTEC, subjects are treated on a shelf of 1200 x 2000 x 350 mm, which is space enough for large objects, or many small items that can be processed simultaneously.

The chamber size of this model is 2000 liter, and allows treatment with gasses such as argon and oxygen, but in most cases this is not necessary due to the exposure to high power by the plasma discharge.

This VacuTEC uses the advanced Tantec HV-X Series Generator as power supply and specially designed plasma transformers to provide voltage to the ceramic plasma electrodes.

The VacuTEC is appreciated for its simplicity of operation, reliability in production and fast process speed.

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