Tantec delivers customized solution resolving inkjet printing adhesion challenges on PP plates for Czech customer.

Tantec has delivered a solution tailored 100% to a Czech customer’s production line. The customer had significant issues with adhesion of their inkjet printing on PP (polypropylene) plates.

Adhesion of inkjet ink to polypropylene (PP) plates is often problematic. Inkjet inks are designed to bond to surfaces and create durable images or text. However, the low surface tension of PP plates can make it difficult for the ink to spread evenly and adhere to the plate. This can result in blurry or smudged prints and inkjet prints that can smudge or easily wear off the surface. By subjecting the PP plates to plasma surface treatment, the surface tension can be increased, improving the adhesion of inkjet ink and other materials. This process also enhances the surface’s ability to evenly spread the ink, resulting in sharp and professional prints. After treatment with Tantec’s Plasma surface treatment, the surface tension increased to 64 dynes, which is sufficient to ensure perfect print quality on the plates.

Plasma surface treatment is a process where a material or surface is exposed to plasma, which is an ionized gas consisting of positive and negative ions, electrons, and neutral particles. This treatment technique is used to modify and improve the properties of a surface. Plasma surface treatment is significant for several reasons:

Improved adhesion:
Plasma surface treatment enhances the surface’s adhesion, enabling more effective application of coatings or adhesives. By subjecting the surface to plasma, it becomes more receptive to coating adhesion.

Surface activation:
Plasma surface treatment can activate the surface of certain materials, making them more receptive to ink application, for example. This activation opens possibilities within surface treatment and can lead to improved product performance or functionality.

Tantec’s engineering department has developed an innovative SpinTEC solution that is ideal for fast and efficient treatment of plates. With three SpinTEC systems, unprecedented efficiency and productivity has been achieved. The ideal SpinTEC solution also has the advantage of being able to process plates of various sizes and materials. Whether it’s metal plates, plastic, or other materials, the SpinTEC systems can effectively handle them and achieve consistent results.