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Tantec has two main offices, one in Denmark, and one in Chicago, USA. On top of this we have agents in more than 30 countries around the world. You will also be able to meet us, or our representatives, in some of the more than 20 exhibitions we take part in every year, all around the globe. Please choose your local agent, or contact our main offices for inquiries or questions. Our experts will be able to guide and help you.

Denmark | International

Tantec A/S | Industrivej 6 | DK-6640 Lunderskov – Phone: +45 7558 5822 | [email protected] – See your Denmark representatives: Tantec profiles Denmark



Tantec EST Inc. | 160 North Brandon Drive | Glendale Heights | IL 60139 Phone: (+1) 630-351-1320 | Fax: (+1) 630-351-1407 |[email protected] – See your U.S.A. representatives: Tantec profiles U.S.A

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Tantec Medical industry surface treatment system


Surface treatment machine nozzles

Plastic cards

Tantec Corona Treaters working on foam board

Foam and Board

Surface treatment nozzles treating automotive surface


Electronic device which can be treated with surface treatment


Surface treatment of cables and pipes

Cables & Pipe

Corona treatment of packaging products


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