Welcome to the Tantec team

The team at Tantec advises Customers World Wide in Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment. Our knowledge is based on 40 years of continuously developing treatment solutions and improving our equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you. If you are looking for our company profile, please do visit this page: Tantec company profile.


Morten ThraneCEO / Partner [email protected]

Kim Egede SaabyeCEO / Partner [email protected]

Jeff GradusVice President Tantec Est. [email protected]

Kasper NymanArea Sales Manager [email protected]

Lotte VestergaardInternal Sales [email protected]

Hans Christian MadsenGeneral Manager Tantec Vertrieb [email protected]

Tantec Medical industry surface treatment system


Surface treatment machine nozzles

Plastic cards

Tantec Corona Treaters working on foam board

Foam and Board

Surface treatment nozzles treating automotive surface


Electronic device which can be treated with surface treatment


Surface treatment of cables and pipes

Cables & Pipe

Corona treatment of packaging products


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