Vacuum Plasma Treatment Greatly Improves Adhesion for Leading Car Manufacturer

VacuTEC Catheter 3Car manufacturers across the globe are looking for innovative methods to improve the quality of their product offerings and to give customers exactly what they are looking for. In their effort to get the best product offerings, they are incorporating different manufacturing techniques.

The vacuum plasma technology offered by Tantec has caught the eye of many manufacturers, but none bigger than the leading car manufacturer across the globe that they just worked with recently.

Car manufacturers have begun to realize the benefits that Plasma Treatment can have on adhesives and are incorporating them into their own service offerings for best results. With new car models expected to come out with the change of the year, car manufacturers want to stand out for their quality and the consistency of their product. Being a solid provider of both quality and consistency, Tantec is the vendor that they head to.

The leading car manufacturer that Tantec recently worked with, successfully installed the most recent High Technology Vacuum Plasma systems in their manufacturing process to add value to their finished goods. The Vacuum Plasma System was added to the manufacturing process to provide surface treatment for the Polypropylene upper body components of their new vehicles, which are anticipated to be released later in 2019.

Installed within their state of the art manufacturing facility, the Vacuum Plasma treatment will help streamline the manufacturing process, enhance the adhesives ability to stick, and give a wealth of other benefits to the car manufacturer in their manufacturing process.

The teams for the car manufacturer and Tantec worked in coordination and designed a compatible process that would solve the problems currently experienced in achieving strong adhesion for materials with low surface energy. These low surface energy materials, which are also known as non or low-polar materials, consist of PE, HPDE, PP and many others. Working with these materials, and getting the required adhesion was a problem for many manufacturers previously, but with the expert guidance of engineers from Tantec, and compliance with the industry methods, they have finally mastered this problem.

The car manufacturer that Tantec worked with, first faced this problem when they wanted to bond or stick high quality hand crafted leather with the interior trim mouldings of their interior. The addition of hand crafted leather was vital to the process, which is why the inability to achieve exemplary adhesion was proving to be a hindrance for the manufacturer. Additionally, since the hand crafted leather was the style or the unique selling point of the service provider, it was important to get good adhesion for a good grip and longevity.

All interior trim mouldings required excessive surface treatment before the adhesive was applied. Considering the implications, the downtime and the need for improvement, it was necessary that the car manufacturer went for a more efficient option. This efficient option was presented by vacuum plasma treatment, which completely modified the interior trim by significantly increasing the polarity. All the tests were performed before implementation, which was done once the manufacturers were on the same page as Tantec.

“Tantec were the perfect partner for us, they offered excellent local support, adopted a flexible approach to ensure we received the solution that was right for us and were both technically and commercially competitive. An unbeatable combination. They also understood what we were looking for, and helped achieve just that through proper measures. The perfect part about the whole process was the testing stage. Our concern was justified, since we wanted the best for us. But, they went above and beyond to ensure that we got what we were looking for. Not many manufacturers do that in this day and age, which is why our whole team was presently surprised with the kind acts. – Said a Spokesperson for the car manufacturing facility.

How Does Vacuum Plasma Treatment Help Solve the Problems of Adhesion?

The highly effective and technologically tested Vacuum Plasma Treatment is the ideal solution for the activation of interior trim moldings for car manufacturers. Also known as the VacuTEC, the treatment option helps ensure optimal adhesion and gives the manufacturer complete control over their manufacturing process. The VacuTEC comes with a large plasma unit or chamber. The air inside this chamber is removed from within the sealed chamber, through the use of a vacuum pump or other methods. Once the air is removed the chamber pressure reaches the required level and is subjected to a strong force of electricity, or in simpler words the creation of an electrical field.

This strong electric field does a good job ionizing the other gases including air, which then occupies the treatment chamber. This treatment means that the resulting surface is well attracted to paints, coatings, inks, adhesives and other moldings. This ensures a significant enhanced surface energy for the surface, leading to perfect adhesion.

The VacuTEC installed by Tantec at the car manufacturer’s treatment plant is a high capacity system of nearly 1 cubic meter with treatment trays placed internally. This VacuTEC is very easy to use and extremely effective. The unit can help treat a set of upper body parts in approximately 45 seconds.

Taking Over Control

While we have discussed all major benefits of the treatment, the installation of the VacuTEC has ensured that the car manufacturer can now take over complete control over their manufacturing process. With the inefficiencies of the previous methods, it is a welcomed change to see the efficient outcomes. The control that manufacturers have over this process means that they don’t have to borrow any outside parts or work with external suppliers. There is better quality control, as they know control the entire process.

Additionally, the VacuTEC comes placed on wheels, which makes relocation and movement easy for all parties. The system also comes with a Vacuum pump, which saves costs down the line.

You can get in touch with Tantec if you’re also facing problems with adhesion. We can help schedule a session for you, explaining the benefits of VacuTEC.

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