Plasma Treat Unit | Lab Testing and Minor Production | VacuLAB-X

Tantec VacuLAB-X is a compact version of the full-scale VacuTEC unit

The VacuLAB-X offers the ability to handle small scale testing and offers the user full control of all parameters.

The results from using the VacuLAB are easily transferred into full-scale VacuTEC units.

The VacuLAB-X is a specially designed compact version of the VacuTEC production unit. The VacuLAB is very compact and can easily be moved and used in various departments for a large number of tests and verifications, it can even be used for some minor production batches. With the integrated Proface panel it is easy to control and monitor the process and all process parameters are displayed.

The VacuLAB-X uses standard ceramic insulated electrodes, ensuring that tests on this unit can be transferred to a larger production scale with the use of the VacuTEC. The VacuLAB-X comes with a hinged transparent door, enabling the user to follow the plasma discharge during the entire treatment process.

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Technial specifications

Easy to useMobile for testing in various departments, and for various parts and projects. Connect to mains power and the unit is ready.
Fast treatment timesHigh power impact enables treatment times from 10-180
seconds, depending on the material.
Vacuum levelThe unit operates at a vacuum level 1-4 mbar.
Integrated power generatorA special 300 Watt power generator is completely integrated and controlled from the touch panel.
Process controlThe treatment process is controlled and monitored through the built-in Proface panel with integrated PLC unit.
Visible plasma processThe transparent chamber door enables the user to easily inspect the plasma process.
Treatment results fully transferableUsing the same concept ensures easy up-scaling to full-scale production units.
Technical SpecificationsVacuLAB-X Plasma Treater
Mains voltage and frequency230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage/plasma powerMax. 400 VP/300 Watt
Power supplyTantec fully integrated X-Lab
Vacuum level1-4 mbar
Plasma treatment time, typical10-180 seconds, depending on the material
Plasma electrode systemCeramic insulated
Treatable materialsSmall parts, polymers, metals, and semiconductors
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)600 x 410 x 340
Weight in kg36
Chamber size, effective, in mm (LxWxH)120 x 180 x 55
Regulation complianceCE – RoHS – WEEE
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