Having difficulty bonding to glass?

Bonding or sticking material to glass can be a difficult and complex procedure for many. However, Tantec has been operating in this business for over 40 years and has extensive practical experience.

Our experience shows in the number of manufacturers that we have worked with for improving glass adhesion and coating applications. Regardless of the kind of glass that you are working with, the team from Tantec has the technical expertise to make your manufacturing processes easier for you.

Examples of plasma cleaning glass include:

  • Treating both glass jars and bottles prior to the application of labels
  • Treating glass bottles before inkjet printing
  • Treating large glass sheets before coating
  • Using UV cured adhesives for treatment of glass bottles before plastic decoration

Plasma Treatment of Glass Before Bonding

While the glass surface appears to be perfect and smooth to the naked eye, it is often plagued with a roughness that can hinder adhesion. The uneven surface for glass and glass products can attract contaminants and lead to numerous problems.

The presence of contaminants on the surface of your glass can significantly decrease the quality of adhesion and lead to defects during the life of the glass.

Plasma Cleaning is achieved when the gas (usually compressed air) being used to create the plasma is subjected to a high energy discharge, the gas is then broken up into ions, electrons, free radicals and other excited particles.

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These excited particles scrub the surface of the glass clean, even in those hard to reach peaks and troughs on a microscopic level, removing organic contamination from the surface.

Plasma’s super cleaning qualities are consistent and reliable, ensuring that all organic contaminants are removed from the materials surface, even cleaning deeply throughout microscopic peaks and troughs of the glass surface; Plasma Treating will ensure you achieve consistent, high quality bond strength time and time again.

Surface Treating prior to adhesion, printing and coating applications provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and more importantly, easily repeatable process to guarantee high performance adhesion to glass.

The inclusion of Plasma Cleaning Unit within your plant can not only help improve adhesion but also give consistent and efficient results.

Plasma Cleaning improves the adhesion to glass because of its super cleaning qualities.

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