Partial treatment of panels for improvement of adhesion

Surface treatment with plasma technology is an innovative and cost-effective solution to the challenges of adhesion in many industries. Plasma surface treatment is a reliable and environmentally friendly method for pretreatment before bonding, printing, painting, and other forms of surface treatment.

Tantec has just delivered a system for processing of solar panels, the purpose being to coat solar panels prior to bonding. The client, a big, respected European company, wanted a flexible, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly system. All this has been met with PlasmaTEC-X. The customer had a close interaction with Tantec during the testing phase, prior to selecting Tantec as their supplier.

Most solar cell producers provide long-term guarantees, and it places high demands on the production of the items. Plasma treatment is the right solution for cleaning and activation of components wettability before further processing in the production line. The system’s reliability has contributed to the treatment being uniform and with a consistent speed, ensuring uniform treatment of the solar panels.

Depending on the individual customer’s production setup, the system with PlasmaTEC-X can be developed exactly according to the customer’s needs and requirements. The solution is available as a ”stand alone” solution (see the photos) or can be integrated into an existing production line. PlasmaTEC-X comes with a user Plasma Remote (PLC), which gives you easy access to the settings, so you can modify them as needed in the event of changes in treatment.

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