Corona surface treatment replaces chemical treatment of sprayers

Tantec’s Corona system allowed for better and more environmentally friendly adhesion of printed inks on the sprayers

Flexible Corona treater system for treating of 3-Dimensional glass and glass sheets

The purpose of surface treatment of glass is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge.

Plasma Treatment Crucial for Production of LED Navigation Lights

Adhesion plays a big part when it comes to the sealing of the lamps because they need to be 100% waterproof

Excellent reliability was the key difference in new investments of Tantec’s solution

Since 2010 Tantec VacuTEC system have been in constant use in three-shift operation at Antolin Interiors. 

Having difficulty bonding to glass?

Bonding or sticking material to glass can be a difficult and complex procedure for many.

SheetTEC improves the surface tension of acrylics and polycarbonates for adhesion

It is often necessary to coat sheets as part of the manufacturing process. In order for liquid adhesives, glues, coatings or inks to adhere to the surface of cast, molded or extruded plastics we must first modify the surface. 

Tantec LeakTEC solution is vital for diagnosis

Leak detection is vital for multi well plates for use in diagnostic systems. 

Impressive surface treatment with Plasma replaces unreliable flame treatment

After many years, the Italian machine manufacturer GPE Ardenghi srl has replaced flame treatment with plasma treatment in their screen printing machines.

Vacuum Plasma Treatment Greatly Improves Adhesion for Leading Car Manufacturer

Car manufacturers across the globe are looking for innovative methods to improve the quality of their product offerings and to give customers exactly what they are looking for. 

How the Functionality of Graphene Changes with Plasma Treating

Several years ago, Tantec entered into an agreement with Haydale for the development and supply of plasma chambers. 

Surface treatment of plastic pipes – inside and out

Plastic piping is used in a wide variety of applications and across a range of different industries.

High level of service and close dialogue with Tantec and the Czech agent Meritage made the difference

Close cooperation, constructive dialogue and a cost-effective solution made the difference for SaarGummi, which ultimately chose that many production lines would switch to Tantec’s ProfileTEC solution.

Surface treatment of cables for the military aircraft industry

One of the world’s largest military aircraft manufacturers recently found that Tantec’s corona technology has outlasted the longevity of the electronic components used to create corona.

Improved adhesion for one of the largest manufacturers of ski bindings

The French ski binding manufacturer Look is one of the most famous and respected brands within the ski genre. 

Corona Treatment of Glass Sheets Prior to Coating Application

Tantec’s SheetTEC unit is a standalone and inline surface activation method used by many of the leading producers and manufacturers of glass within EU and the United States. 

In-line treatment of Automotive Sealing Products

Top quality adhesion of printing inks, adhesives or coatings on polymer materials, such as PE, PP, PS, EPDM-rubber and other substrates, is a common requirement throughout the plastic and rubber processing industry. 

Surface Treatment with Ozone

Tantec has developed their OzoneTEC System to treat the inside of products such as surfboards, coolers, ice boxes, jacket pipes, small boats etc.

Large customized VacuTEC Plasma Treaters makes a big difference

Tantec has recently delivered several new VacuTEC machines to one of the world’s top suppliers of vehicle interiors. The purpose of these machines is complete surface treatment of interior systems.

Plasma Treatment of Polypropylene Medical Implants by Tantec

Tantec has been supplying Plasma units to the industry for decades.

Customized Leak Detection System for the Medical Industry

Tantec recently delivered a LeakTEC system to a large medical device manufacturer. 

Corona Can Improve the Production Process of Plastic Lenses

Plastic materials for ophthalmic lenses have seen continual developments, and for this reason, have gradually replaced glass materials. 

Improved surface adhesion for COC and COP Prefilled Syringes

The medical and pharmaceutical industry has shown an increasing tendency towards the use of plastic materials Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP) and Cyclo Olefin Polymer Co. (COC) in the production of plastic Prefilled Syringes.

40 years of experience in surface treatment for packaging industry

Tantec’s PlasmaTEC-X is the ideal solution for surface treatment in the packaging industry.

Fully automatic leak detection system from Tantec makes a big difference for a customer

This customer required high speed leak detection of a small plastic medical component.

Partial treatment of panels for improvement of adhesion

Surface treatment with plasma technology is an innovative and cost-effective solution to the challenges of adhesion in many industries. 

Corona Treatment of Glass Sheets

It is often necessary to coat glass sheets as part of the manufacturing process.

Surface treatment for Aviation and Aerospace industries

Tantec has just delivered a VacuTEC to one of the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft parts, meticulously tested with competitors and then with Tantec equipment.


FoamTEC - Corona treatment of foam and board

Due to low surface energy, boards, foam, glass, plastic sheets and corruga-
ted materials are difficult to bond to.

Plastic Card Printing Quality Improves with Plasma Treatment

If you’re having problems printing on various plastic cards, like business cards, library cards, loyalty cards, or any other type of cards for that matter, it’s because they are made with polymers that are essentially non-stick. 

SheetTEC improves the surface tension of acrylics and polycarbonates for adhesion

Standard Corona Treatment Unit for Sheets

Tantec has developed a standard corona system known as SheetTEC, for surface treatment of sheets.

Tantec recently delivered 3 identical RotoTEC-X to one of the world's leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses

The low surface energy of plastics poses adhesion and wettability problems for lens manufacturers. Corona treatment plays an important role in promoting better adhesion properties.



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